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Witch's Rose Candle

  • Made with sustainably sourced soy wax and 100% pure organic essential oils. 

    free from synthetic fragrances and preservatives

    Handpoured with Blessings, Love and Magic! 

  • This Candle is a new addition to the Witch's Rose Collection, bringing the intoxicating signature scent of Rose, Rose Geranium and Eucalyptus to your sacred space. 

    The fresh and floral fragrance is reminiscent of walking barefoot through a garden of roses and geraniums, surrounded by fragrant eucalyptus trees.  The scent of this candle brings joy and love to the heart, invigorates the spirit and is ideal for use in the bedroom, meditation space, office or bath. 

    The melted wax can also be used for massage or moiturizer! 

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