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AMARU LIFE was founded by
‘Rhea’ Lauren Costine in 2017 in
Los Angeles, California, to share regenerative, eco-friendly and sustainable practices and products with the World

Amaru Life is an artisanal apothecary offering botanical formulations forpeople with awareness for the Earth and regenerative living.

Each formulation is handmade in small batches with love and intention by ‘Rhea’ Lauren Costine.  



Rhea founded Amaru Life in 2017 with the intention of supporting the reciprocity and harmony between humans and the Earth. This is just the beginning, Amaru is Regeneration, not just through botanical skincare, but through mindfulness and education. 


“With regenerative practices in mind and heart, we can revive our planet and ourselves”. 


All botanical formulations are lovingly crafted in ceremony and infused over many months to retain the nourishment and medicine of the plants.


All ingredients are sourced with awareness and respect for our planet and are 100% organic, ethically wildcrafted and sustainably sourced. Each and every product is free from chemicals and preservatives, therefore carrying the medicinal values and the magic of the plants in their purest essence. 


"When you live from the heart, with mindfulness and presence in communion with the Earth, you are able to experience all the magic that exists in today’s World."

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